Life got a little hectic for me last week.  My husband was admitted to the hospital and had surgery.  My washer broke and flooded my laundry room.  I got a crack in my windshield.  Oh, and I started a new job.  Over at Mommyish, just in case you’re interested.  All in all, I lost about 10 lbs and the majority of my sanity.
The week finally came to head when my in-laws visited us in the hospital.  My wonderful-intentioned but less-than-tactful sister-in-law walked into the hopsital room and said, “My God, it looks like Lindsay belongs in the hospital bed!”  My husband was laying there, loving his morphine, muscle relaxer and steroid cocktail.  I was pacing the room, calling to check on our toddler, Googling FMLA laws and emailing editors apologies for my lack of communication.  (I’m still sorry, Jen!)
To be fair, I really did look a little frazzled.  If I’m being honest, instead of fair, I looked like a crazy, stressed ball of tension.  While it’s obvious that my appearance was not the most important matter last week, it would have been helpful.  In fact, when my appearance feels put together, it normally helps to calm my nerves.  So I’d like to dispense some advice that I obvoiusly wasn’t taking last week.  Hopefully, in your time of emergency, this might help.