Always dreamed of running a brothel? The Bordell im Kietz von Berlin-Rixdorf in Berlin has a vacancy for a manager, and they’re auctioning the job off on eBay with a starting bid of €2.50. The ad is in German, but luckily The Gloss contributor Megan Carpentier stepped in and did translating duties.

One of the oldest of Berlin’s neighborhood brothels — open since 1980 in a good neighborhood in a beautiful restaurant type old building — is seeking a new operator.

[Some technical jargon describing the space.]

Comes with:
A bar with counter and dispensing equipment, as well as complete bar equipment (see photos)
Mens/Ladies bathrooms plus separate shower room with washing machine
3 separate and decorated bedrooms with sinks
1 cinema room with small stage
Dressing room and separate storage space for restaurant supplies
No contract with a brewery
Gaming machines and cigarette maching could be held over

The complete infrastructure, including all technical aspects, is ready for an operator, the business is ready to go.

Call this number (please don’t block the caller ID). You are bidding here on a completely furnished and ready-to-go bordello including furnishings. Bids are subject to the solvency of the bidder before the transaction can be completed. An inspection is required before a competitive bid.