So Jezebel put up this video because apparently it demonstrates a “hate kiss” in which an adorable little dog gives kisses through gritted needle teeth. Fine. Whatever. Dogs are cute, we all love a good cute dog video.

But! As I watched and my stomach started to turn a little, I wondered, “Am I the last person in America completely grossed out by kissing dogs on the mouth?” Sometimes it seems that way!

Moreover, I’m a dog person. I love dogs. Dogs: possibly the greatest animal. What’s not to love?

But when it comes to touching mouths and tongues with them… I am at a loss.

I’m not judging, either. I, too, have unsavory habits! Like all humans. But I am genuinely confused how one gets past the everything in order to kiss a dog on the mouth. The breath alone!

Can we please have an open thread? A discussion? Who kisses dogs? Who doesn’t? Who doesn’t and has dated someone that does?