Following in the footsteps of Kanye West, who did a faux-internship at Louis Vuitton and folded T-shirts at the Gap for an hour, Lady Gaga is reportedly jumping from music to fashion by taking an internship with hatmaker Philip Treacy. Gaga and Treacy collaborated on two headpieces for Gaga’s recent tour, and she apparently applied for an internship in the traditional way rather than just asking her friend to hook her up. I think it’s really cool that she wants to start at the very bottom and work her way up in order to truly learn about the industry, but it also kind of bugs me to see a celebrity – who doesn’t need it – possibly take an internship position away from a student who could really benefit from the experience. I don’t have a problem with someone like Gaga taking on a vanity internship, but there is a part of me that’s like “you get to play at having a job while some people actually really need this gig in order to launch their actual careers? I’m going to give it three weeks of “interning,” max, before she’s designing her own line of hats. It’ll be the quickest promotion ever.