lena dunham writing for money
Lena Dunham thinks that it’s such a weird idea that people write for money and not “to figure things out.”

I would like to point out that Lena Dunham has a 3.5 million dollar book deal.

Look, I am a strong proponent of writing for money. I believe, whenever possible, you should write things and get paid for them. I think it’s a good idea for you, as a writer, to consider that your words have value, especially in an age where if you write anything of note you will be ripped apart by commenters. When you are being torn apart, it is a comforting thing to remind yourself that you were paid to write, and they were not.

I also believe that writing for money makes you a better writer, because it forces you to learn how to write for different publications in a way that people want to read. If I was writing solely to “figure things out” I would still be writing extremely bizarre Snape-Hermione fanfiction on my personal blog. If you cannot sell your work, maybe you are too modern for the time you live in. That’s possible. But maybe you just need to refine your skills to make them, well, better. Payment is a very good gauge in determining whether or not what you are producing strikes people other than you as valuable.

I know that I’ve said all of this before.

But comments like this seem to indicate that Lena Dunham, for all I know she is supposed to be the voice of our generation, has no idea what it is to have to worry about paying rent. I cannot really imagine that she would be able to say that you should really just write to express yourself if she was not making millions off her projects. Because then, among other things, she would be worrying about paying her rent, like everyone else.

And just when I was getting to a point where I thought I’d like Girls, too.