Maya Rudolph pregnant 2013

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It comes as a secret to no one that Maya Rudolph is an unbelievably hilarious actress and comedienne, but did you know she is also the parent of a lovely brood of children? While she is undeniably awesome at being funny and has made us all laugh until we peed (I say “us all” because I’m too embarrassed to just say “me,” by the way), she is also a total babe–and a bit of an unsung one, at that. So, let’s go through all the ways in which being both a busy comedienne and mother of four has made Ms. Rudolph even hotter than ever, shall we?


Something that the women I know who have recently had children have told me is that they experienced this incredibly lustrous, full hair whilst pregnant. (Perhaps it is a mild consolation to having to develop a full stomach for 40 weeks and have something inside you pushing on your bladder for a pretty significant part of that time.) Your hair apparently just doesn’t fall out the same way it would normallyand your nails get stronger which is pretty fantastic. Though Maya’s hair was already gorgeous, check out just how beautiful it looked when she was pregnant in 2011:

Maya Rudolph Pregnant 2011 NBC Upfronts

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Anybody who watched this recent season of Scandal knows that attempting to disguise the pregnancy of a key player in the show is a difficult but clever pursuit. In the aforementioned case, there was an influx of Kerry Washington closeups and shots where she stood hind various furniture to hide her growing midsection. It is not an easy task to keep a real-life pregnancy off the screen (and even the red carpet, sometimes), so both the actors and their stylists need to become excellent at fanangling clothing to work in their favor.

In Maya’s case, she was pregnant during 2005, 2009, late 2010 to mid-2011, and late 2012 to mid-2013. She also made movies throughout many of those times; in 2009, she did Away We Go, in 2010 she did MacGruber and Grown Ups, in 2011 she was in Bridesmaids (!!!), Zookeeper and Friends with Kids, and in 2013 she did three more movies. Basically, she’s become a master at disguising her pregnancies even when working on a very regular basis.


We’ve all heard about “pregnancy glow,” right? It’s that concept that gives every single lady anxiety when somebody says, “You look radiant!” after a particularly busy month. Apparently, one of the unexpected benefits of pregnancy is that it can not only make your skin more moisturized and lovely looking, but also relieve skin of ailments like psoriasis. Awesome, right? Maya, in particular, always seems to have an unreasonably nice complexion and glow to her skin that can’t be obtained using bronzer and some highlighter.

The Actual Kids

Kids do actually make some human beings funnier, which therefore makes them more attractive in some way. Louis C.K. and plenty of others were already funny as was, but then they had children and their standup routines became even more hilarious. Even Will Ferrell, whom I have honestly never found that amusing, became infinitely funnier when the whole “The Landlord” video featuring his “drunk” toddler “Pearl” came about. Kids are naturally funny and anybody who says otherwise is probably just jealous that babies tell better jokes than they do.

Kids are hilarious little mini-humans who make weird facial expressions and do strange things seemingly without reason, but with an intent is totally sincere. A woman with Maya Rudolph’s undeniable knack for impressions could only benefit from being able to constantly observe the hilarity that is a kid making the face right before they soil their diaper; seriously, it’s one of the funniest facial expressions a human being can make.

Obviously, Maya was always talented and always crazy pretty, but now she’s 41 and hotter than ever, so let’s give a post-Mother’s Day high five to Maya Rudolph’s ability to give us all some optimism regarding a rather unforeseen benefit of being pregnant: getting hotter.