john castle millionaire waiter finger break

Usually when I am unhappy with the service at a fine dining establishment I just torch the place on my way out.

Though that was not the case with 76 year old plutocrat John Castle! When he was out dining at Club Colette, a private dining club in Florida, his wife requested the cheque. The waiter brought the cheque to the table. That fucking fool.

Gawker reports:

Kucik [the waiter] stated that he attempted to hand Mr. Castle the bill and Mr. Castle became irate with him and yelled, “You schmuck, why did you bring the bill to the table?” Kucik stated that he replied, “because your lady asked for it.” Kucik stated while he stood on the left side of Mr. Castle, he (Kucik) attempted to hand Mr. Castle an ink pen. Mr. Castle began ranting and grabbed Kucik’s left hand and began squeezing and twisting his fingers. Kucik stated that Mr. Castle had a very tight grip of his left hand and Kucik had to pull his left hand out of Mr. Castle`s grasp. Kucik stated he was not certain which hand Mr. Castle grabbed his left hand with, but he believed Mr. Castle used his right hand. [tagbox tag=”manners”]

Now, Castle was correct. At a private club the cheque should not be brought to the table, unless there are very extenuating circumstances like a member screaming “give me the cheque!” Still. We thought that this was more of a caning offense than a finger breaking one. That’s what Emily Post would have said. Especially because when you break a waiter’s fingers you are, in effect, touching things that poor people have touched.