I’m in the mood for some uplifting, and I believe I have found what I’m looking for courtesy of one Rebecca Black.

Months ago, you’ll recall, Black became one of the most ridiculed people on the internet after her accidental smash hit, “Friday,” was released onto YouTube. The video was subsequently “disliked” by 3 million people and Black, then 13 (she turned 14 in June), was mercilessly mocked for our viewing pleasure by the beast that is the world wide web.

But in the wake of the debacle, the teen sensation isn’t hiding in a corner crying, nor is she going all Taylor Momsen on a bitch. Instead, Black is pulling a Princess Beatrice — she’s giving the internet and all of us who write upon it a huge, massive flip of the bird, beaming out from underneath her blunt-cut bangs, and releasing a second single.

Time reports that it’s called “The Moment:”

A statement released by Black explains the symbolism behind the title: “It’s a fairytale story, but it happened in real life.”

Now, Black is young, and her mother willingly paid $4,000 for “Friday” to be made, so I’m not going to rule out the possibility of some parental pressure behind release #2. But from what we know so far of this girl, her fame was a surprise, and regardless, she’s not letting the haters get her down.

For those interested, the song will debut on her YouTube channel on July 18, at 8 p.m.

Partyin’ indeed, Rebecca.