If you are a professional seductress, maybe you have been sitting around feeling that your Mata Hari costume is not getting the work-out it used to in these hard economic times. Maybe you were considering applying for your real estate license. Stop right there! I have found you a job!

Business Insider found a backpage advertisement that runs:

backpage ad

Remember when Goldman Sachs invested in Well, you do now. So, it seems likely that this was either 1) Goldman Sachs, with their tentacle arms reaching out to hug secrets out of their rivals or 2) a prank played by loveable scamps at J.P. Morgan (those guys are pranksters!) Either way, this item is getting our “eccentric millionaire” tag, and if we didn’t strongly suspect it of being something that would get you jailed or dead, we’d encourage you to apply. But we won’t because we love you and care about your well being. But seriously, if you do apply, write us an tell us all the details before you have a terrible “accident.”

Or else, this could just be a way to kind of hire sex workers in the most round about possible fashion. I guess everyone would feel like they were having an adventure, so, that seems fun.

Picture via Mr. And Mrs. Smith