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What’s the first thing you get asked at a party? Often, it’s “so, what do you do?” And everybody needs a thing to say. So if you’re a rich socialite who is supported by her parents, you say things like “I’m a handbag designer.” However, sometime actress Rachel Bilson has the best new fake job title ever: Eyewear Ambassador.

According to the Sunglass Hut, who hired Bilson for her new fake career, “We wanted a symbol of our philosophy, somebody who’s familiar and relevant to our target [consumer], but at the same time was herself sunglasses obsessed.”

That’s great or whatever, but was Mary Kate Olsen busy? Because, while Rachel Bilson seems nice and wears some cute outfits, I don’t really associate her with sunglasses. And what will she be doing all the time at her “ambassador” job?

She’ll also be the company’s resident blogger (though they’ve titled it “Style Director”), tackling tough eyewear questions on and interviewing her eyewear style icons, including Tory Burch.

To be honest, I don’t think of Tory Burch as an eyewear icon. I just think of her as having designed those flats with the gold buckle on them that every single girl on the Upper East Side has four pairs of. But then, just when I thought I was home free to mock Ms. Bilson, she added this:

Rachel hopes to interview Karl Lagerfeld because, “he wears sunglasses at all times.”

Damn you! You know that Karl is TheGloss’ Kryptonite-slash-muse. Simply invoking his name sends me into twitchy fits of ecstasy. I still think your fake job is fake, Bilson, but we’re even for now.