Sometimes, when people have a lot of money and are really successful at one thing, they start thinking they are good at everything. Take Bravo’s Andy Cohen, for example. He was a network executive when Bravo was still just “that channel that has Project Runway” and helped turn them into a marquee TV brand. But he got overconfident and started thinking that he also had a talent at hosting – he now has a blog on Bravo’s website and hosts their Real Housewives reunions. He sucks at it. For one, he’s just not good at hosting. But secondly, he’s too invested in Bravo’s name and reputation to really get down and dirty. It’s pretty difficult to embarrass your crazy-ass “stars” on TV and protect the brand’s worth at the same time, and that’s why Cohen will always be ineffective at his job. (Oh, and I once saw him faceplant on the sidewalk outside of Jill Zarin’s book party. That was awesome.)

It looks like Tamara Mellon, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Jimmy Choo, has caught a case of Andy Cohenitis. She’s appearing in print ads for the company’s new fragrance, the brilliantly titled “Jimmy Choo.” It’s not that Mellon isn’t a lovely woman, but modeling is about a lot more than being pretty. Wanting to run the business and appear in the ads is veering into Kimora Lee Simmons territory. And you know what happened to Kimora? The shareholders in her company got pissed at how Kimora’s persona – and her subsequent high maintenance demands – was eating the company alive and they forced her out. Let that be a lesson to you and your modeling career, Tamara.