In case you missed the story, writer and professional flaneur Derek Blasberg supposedly (insofar as people have seen e-mails) asked Yves St. Laurent for $2,500 after they asked him to write about a party they were throwing. YSL supposedly said “sure.” Derek went to their party and wrote nice things. Some people think they $2,500 could have skewed Derek’s coverage of the party as otherwise it doubtless would have been a really hard hitting expose of the party’s mediocre cupcakes and egregiously sub-par champagne. From Derek Blasberg. Who has said in the past he only writes nice things about people and places. In conclusion, again, YSL is run by idiots.

Anyhow, Conde Nast is now doing a little dance to communicate that they are appalled by this breach of journalistic ethics and reviewing Derek’s employment. We have some suspicions about how this is going to play out, so we’ve devised a Derek Blasberg related drinking game. Here are times you should be drinking from the handy flask stashed inside your desk

1) Derek Blasberg uses the phrase “I consult for YSL” to justify asking them for money for event coverage.

2) Anyone mentions Derek Blasberg’s book “Classy.”

3) Conde Nast claims they are “reviewing this internally.”

4) Someone at Conde Nast says they “see nothing wrong with Derek’s behavior.”

5) A week passes, Derek does not get fired.

6) A month passes, Derek does not get fired.

7) Forever passes, Derek does not get fired.

In conclusion, Derek is probably never going to get fired, because nobody at Conde Nast will really want to admit that one of their writers did something wrong. At least, that’s what we think. Maybe they do believe in journalistic integrity! We’re not betting on it, though. Though I will say, we’re having a really hard time finding the chapter in Classy that deals with this. (Drink.)