Ah, everybody wants their slice of the Twilight pie, don’t they? According to the New York Post, Kimbra Hickey, the woman whose hands are featured on the cover of “Twilight” holding an apple, is now looking to for her 15 minutes:

“Hickey sometimes hangs out near the cash register at the Barnes & Noble near her Greenwich Village apartment to spread the word…She even carries around a Gala apple in her purse at times so she can recreate the pose for people.”
To her credit, Hickey tells the Post that she’s gotten “goofy” about the situation. But honestly? I can’t say that I’m opposed to this behavior. Is it ridiculous? Sure. Should she maybe be a little embarrassed? I would be. But on the other hand, if I had done something that contributed in any way to Twilight, it’s totally possible that I’d be there asking for my handout as well (haha). In fact, I think Hickey has a good thing going:
“Lately, she’s been going to “Twilight” fan conventions — she’s at one this weekend in Portland, Ore. — where she sells apple-scented hand lotion.”
Clever, right?? Whatever. I’d totally buy it.
Anyway, Hickey obviously knows a thing or two about making fast money, because listen to this:
“The 2004 photo shoot for the “Twilight” book cover paid $300 — the industry standard for two hours of work.”
In other words, the take-away from this story? Be a hand model.