Ever since I was a kid, I’ve known what I wanted to do with my life: write. And, of course, one of my life goals was to write a book. I still haven’t accomplished many of the things on my bucket list – owning my own apartment, speaking fluent Hebrew, making out with Ryan Gosling – today marks the day I can cross a big, important one off the list. It’s the publication day for my book Save the Assistants. It’s also the night of my book release party. Picking out a venue was easy. But deciding what to wear? I’ve been a wreck. Enter Carrie Goldberg, a talented stylist who I happen to have met when she was my kick-ass intern at Jewcy.com (she’s now the Fashion Editor there). Carrie styles for celebrities, although this day with me was a bigger challege: I had no budget, and everything had to come out of my own closet. So here goes nothing.

[vimeo video=”14760275″]

Stylist Carrie Helps Lilit Pick An Outfit, Part 1 from D. J. Waletzky on Vimeo.

[vimeo video=”14760828″]

Stylist Carrie Helps Lilit Pick An Outfit Part 2 from D. J. Waletzky on Vimeo.