A funny thing is happening with the women in Congress. They’re all seething about what Anthony Wiener did (in case you’re a little tardy to the party, he sent pictures of his penis to women who aren’t his wife), but they can’t say anything because that would be unprofessional.

Now, I myself have never been in a situation like this, but I find it humorous. It’s about the only thing I find humorous about Anthony Weinergate, except of course his name. But the idea of a whole roomful of extremely high-powered women sitting around giving Weiner the stink-eye because he’s a cheating, low-down dirty bastard is hilarious. I mean, if I were him I would probably resign just because of that.

But I’m curious — how would you behave if you were one of those women? Do you think you could stop yourself from giving him a piece of your mind, or at least sticking your foot out into the aisle when he walked by?