Celebrate good times, come on!

Who loves Thanksgiving? Don’t all jump up and down at once! The food, the family, the conflict, the arguments, the awkward moments and finally the closing credits just after someone has come close to tears and another has threatened to “flip this table.” Thanksgiving is the best.

Thanksgiving seems to be that one holiday all Americans celebrate — hence the traveling that week that makes keeping happy about the days off from work almost impossible. It also seems to be a dreaded day for many thanks to that quality time with the family. Face it, people, every family is dysfunctional, has skeletons and at least one relative that should probably be committed but instead they’re sitting across from you eyeing you with either disgust or confusion.

Although Thanksgiving at my parents’ house is pretty low-key — I actually haven’t been there for it in three years — this year, in the hopes of mending broken relationships, my aunt who thinks I’m a heathen will be there at the table. Do you have any idea how exciting this is going to be? Fuck the awkward part! It’s going to be awesome for story-time later!

Even if you regard your family as “normal” (although the most seemingly “normal” tend to be the most fucked up), you best believe that there will be tension at some point during dinner. Not because people love to argue per se, but because whenever you get a bunch of people together who have different personalities you’re just asking for an explosion or, at the very least, a firecracker that startles.

So what can you expect to cover this year for topics? Unless your family has a no politics, no religion at the table rule, probably just about anything! And that’s the fun of it.


Photo: Someecards