easy last minute gifts

Okay, we’ve got six days until Christmas. If you’re like me, you’re probably scrambling to buy last minute gifts for your family, friends, and randos who bought you gifts and to whom you now feel indebted. If you feel like helping the world, or hell, just don’t feel like doing a ton of online shopping, you may as well go with the charitable donations route. It’s quick, it’s good karma, and people have to like it.

Here’s some charities worth checking out and throwing in a stocking:

Big Cat Rescue

Our own Samantha Escobar’s brother visits and loves this amazing sanctuary.


This anti-sexual violence organization provides direct help to victims of sexual abuse in any form, and organizes awareness campaigns to stop the cycle of abuse.

Rock & Rawhide

This non profit helps dogs and cats in shelters to get adopted by giving them distraction therapy–toys, bones, and the like which calms them down and ups their chances of finding a home (and avoiding euthanization).

Cell Phones for Survivors

This project sells your old cell phones and donates the money to the National Network to End Domestic Violence’s Safety Net Project, which helps victims use technology to escape their abusers.

Heifer International

This incredible organization gives families animals such as cows or goats that can provide a way of bring in income. You literally buy a goat and it’s given an impoverished family who can now support themselves. Check out their amazing Women’s Empowerment section, while you’re there.

Shenelle Alleyne Fundraiser/Jane Carter Solution

The hair company is matching all donations through January 1st in order to send Shenelle Alleyne to college.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is a remarkable charity that pays off small bills for people who are on the verge of slipping into poverty. Low income workers fighting to stay above water can get a small helping hand to pay off a car payment, electricity bill, or similar.

Girl Rising

Girl Rising donates to multiple partner organizations all over the world that promote empowerment of girls through education. I get weepy just being on their website because I love it so much. Empowerment makes me weepy who cares.


This old standy is doing work to help children in 190 countries. Children!

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is often the first group on the ground in major disasters, and their blood bank is vital. Help now so they can be prepared next time we need them.

Polaris Project

This charity works to stop the human trafficking and slavery that is still rampant in the world.

So give the gift of giving, and for good measure, here’s the video for 30 Rock’s amazing holiday kidney drive.

[youtube_iframe id=”L-DcSAoPR3I”]

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