In the words of Lloyd Dobler: "Maybe I wanna get hurt!"

In the words of Lloyd Dobler: “Maybe I wanna get hurt!”

You have to admit that each romantic comedy is just another version of itself. The plot is always the same — give or take the sassy best friend or demeaning boss — and there will be a conflict before a resolution, and an epiphany is finally reached by one of the stars and love is inevitable. They’re called “rom-coms” for a reason, and they are utter bullshit.

As we covered before there are no grand gestures in life, at least not in the name of love as Hollywood has tried to convince us. Movies that include such a stretch of reality are contrived pieces of malarkey that fall somewhere between 90 and 120 minutes, and have an ending that is all but wrapped up in a perfect red bow with the words “until death do us part,” just a breath away.

While there are “classic” lines from romantic comedies that we’ll never forget (“I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen!” or “As you wish.”), there are those that aren’t classic per se, but merely a staple of putting together a perfect rom-com. It’s a formula; you stick to the formula or you have a flop on your hands.

Despite my aversion to rom-coms, I’ve seen my fair share. And in that fair share of things I’ve realized there are 10 lines you’ll most definitely hear in almost every single one of those movies. Let me know if I missed one.

Photo: 20th Century Fox