Despite my disdain for the character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City, I do have a soft spot for the show in my heart. I watched it religiously for the six seasons it was on HBO and during each episode I screamed at the TV: “Big! End up with Big!” I was emotionally invested in that relationship! Or at least as emotionally invested as one can be with a television show.

Similarly to Law & Order (in all its variations) and Family Guy, I have seen every Sex and the City episode easily 59 times. Granted, this is a rough approximation, but I’m quite certain it’s about that, give or take 20 in each direction. Due to this fact, I have a lot of the dialogue down pat. I’d brag and call it a fun party trick to whip out when things are getting boring at a fête, but my talent that really impresses people is how I can recite Pretty in Pink in its entirety. Now that’s the shit people pay to see.

However, unlike Pretty in Pink (“What about prom, Blane?”), there are several lines from Sex and the City I use on a fairly regular basis. Each time I do, I’m called out by a friend for doing so, but not before they respond with the appropriate line that should follow in the conversation from the show. Yes, that’s what we New Yorkers do: quote Sex and the City all fucking day long. Although the person who quotes it the most, is my sister who lives in Colorado… the one who wears flip-flops.

But this isn’t about my sister, because it’s always about me. So now I present to you the 10 quotes from Sex and the City that, I not only use fairly regularly, but will probably bring up mid-conversation should we ever meet. At that moment we can either high-five, or you can scowl and say: “Really, Chatel?” It’s up to you.