Save the bunny's ears. Vote.

If you’re planning on NOT voting tomorrow, maybe you need to think again. Seriously. Not only are you putting this clapping bunny’s ears in jeopardy, but you’re embarrassing yourself by not taking a stand and embracing a liberty for which so many have fought to have.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — which I hear can be quite divine at times — you must be well aware by now that we’re in the midst of a presidential election year. And, if you also didn’t know, all of that campaigning done by the two parties will come to an end tomorrow as the American people will run to the polls and vote — if they haven’t already.

Why someone would choose NOT to vote is something that us voting folk can’t understand. It’s such an inherent part of our core values and a freedom that should not be dismissed. If you’ve yet to educate yourself on the candidates, today is your last day to do so. Stay up all fucking night going through the pros and cons of each one if you have to so you can run to the polls tomorrow and make your voice heard! This should be a no-brainer. Just vote. Seriously. Do it for the bunny.


Photo: RedPogoSticks