Here I am outside le Louvre... in all black, of course, like a typical New Yorker.

I’m a huge fan of traveling alone. I’ve realized after doing it a bunch of times, that it’s the only way I want to travel forever. I’m not completely against the idea of traveling with friends, but as one who functions best solo style, I’m all for going off into the world that way, too.

As I prepare for a trip to Key West next week, I’m once again being asked the usual and mundane question: “Who are you going with?”

“No one.”

“How come?”

“Because that’s my thing! And my thing is awesome!”

I have tried on many occasions to convince my friends that they should go, at least once, on a trip alone. I think everyone should experience it at one time or another. And even if you realize it’s not for you, at least you forced yourself out of your comfort zone and into a world that’s completely different from your day to day life. Isn’t that what life is all about? Doing things that may end up pleasantly surprising you, or maybe even scaring the shit out of you?

Yes, it is.

The next time you’re thinking about skipping town and can’t find a travel buddy, I suggest you just say “fuck it,” and go alone. If you conquer your fear of it — if that’s what’s holding you back — then at least you can cross it off the bucket list. If you’re lucky, you’ll realize that it suits you and you’ll never again have to stand on a street corner in Madrid fighting with your friend over where to go next.