The Vow

Is the romance fading in your relationship? Are you spending most nights just hanging out, watching TV, eating Chinese food in bed? That sounds awesome. The point of relationships is to find someone who won’t judge you for eating Chinese food in bed. But if you want even more romance you should get your boyfriend to go see The Vow with you. It will be fun for both of you! Don’t believe us? Here’s 10 reasons why:

1. The Vow will make him remember how lucky he is
Yes, sometimes you lie on top of him like a cat in your sleep, suffocating him. But you remember who he is! Unlike the main character in the movie, Paige (played by Rachel McAdams), who suffers amnesia following a car accident. Who is the most mentally capable girlfriend? You.

2. Channing Tatum is in it
Your boyfriend probably already likes him from GI Joe.

3. It will inspire fun dates
In The Vow Paige and Leo (Channing Tatum) go skinny dipping in Central Park. Those kind of dates seem pretty fun. Guys like skinny dipping.

4. Paige and Leo have an awesome art museum wedding
Not that you necessarily want to get married, but if you’re thinking of it, you might as well show your dude the coolest possible way to get married.

5. Your boyfriend will love the chase scenes
Awesome art museum weddings entail running from security guards if you didn’t have permission for that wedding. Dudes love it when people run from things. Though we sort of thought security guards wouldn’t be so quick to respond to harmless matrimonial hijinks.

The Vow

6. Because it will remind both of you to take actual pictures
And not just document everything on Facebook.

7. There are fistfights!
Tell your boyfriend The Vow is just like Rocky. He loves Rocky.

8. There’s a slim chance it will inspire him to make you pancakes
Leo makes Paige pancakes asking her to “move in” written in blueberries. Your guy’s pancakes don’t need to read “move in?” It’s just great when guys make pancakes.

9. Because he needs to know it’s okay to cry
Over you. And how unbelievably beautiful you are.

10. Because we all need a little romance
Men and women. And pancakes. We’d also like pancakes.

This post was sponsored by Sony’s The Vow, in theaters February 10th. Watch the trailer here.