Lilit trusted you people. She asked you for advice on which classic movie to watch. And what was she met with? Casablanca votes. Now, come on, Casablanca isn’t the kind of movie you need to go out of your way to watch. Eventually someone will just drag you to some movie in the park marathon where it will always be playing. You know what you need to go out of your way to watch? Scarface. Here is why:

1) Because you constantly hear these rappers giving interviews where they say something like “I love the movie Scarface, because it’s about getting to the top and staying there.” And it’s important to be able to laugh until you rupture something about how those rappers didn’t watch the second disc of the movie. Kanye, I’m basically just talking to you, here. Anyhow, laughing at rappers = incredibly chic.

2) Because Michelle Pfeiffer in that movie is proof that bobs are not just for Anna Wintour.

3) Because otherwise you will look insane wearing this Dolce and Gabanna shirt around.

4) Because at some point in your life, maybe in Miami, someone will offer you cocaine. You should know the possible outcomes, those outcomes are that Michelle Pfeiffer’s character’s hair became slightly messy when she became a cokehead. And in the comparison to her perfect, shiny, earlier in the movie hair, that actually seemed really tragic.

5) Because how else will you ever know how badly you need a pet tiger?

6) Because it makes it clear that anyone who wears a white leisure suit is a drug dealer.

7) Because slinky, shiny gowns actually look good in this movie, and make it clear that the 80’s fashion was just 40’s fashion on cocaine.

8) Because you need to learn that a house without a glass elevator is not a home.

9) Because you need enormous sunglasses.

10) Because even children understand how important Scarface is. See?