As you may have heard, this week Los Angeles hit record highs of nearly 115 degrees. And let me be the first to tell you: it’s bullshit.

But by having the following ten things on hand, at least you’ll be prepared should such an event happen in your town:

  1. An unlimited supply of popsicles. Seriously, they’re really refreshing.
  2. Air conditioning. Obv.
  3. Barring air conditioning, try purchasing an exhaust fan.
  4. A frozen snowball! Have your east coast relatives send one out.
  5. A winning personality, so that you can find a friend with a pool.
  6. Flip flops and daisy dukes. Or, comfort in your own nudity.
  7. HBO.
  8. Electricity. Do not be late in paying your bills leading up to an unexpected heat wave.
  9. A colorful vocabulary. “It’s so hot” gets sort of old by day five.
  10. Your sense of humor, lest you become a murderous statistic.