Despite Hurricane Sandy, the Presidential Election is going to happen! American democracy will not be stopped by a natural disaster! We will move forward! We will choose our new president! And it would be a real pain in the ass to move the election date, so it pretty much makes sense to keep it as is — although it’s bound to be a shit show on the east coast.

But living in a country where there are only two major parties and, therefore, only two candidates to choose from, the results can only be one or the other. We don’t have any other options. Come late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning, you’ll either be psyched with the results, or disappointed as hell and considering an escape plan. You’ve been threatening for months you were going to leave town if Romney got in, so you might as well stick to some of your guns.

But how does one deal with such disappointment? How does one make sense of the fact that they cast their vote and it was not heard? Loudly and dramatically, of course.