red-corset-01 Raise your hand if you have ever worn a corset before. Yeah, mine didn’t go up either. If you did raise your hand, then kudos you sexy thing you!

I’ve never even thought about wearing a corset before because I thought that it was strictly for the bedroom or pole dancing. Yes, that was me stereotyping corset wearers. Bad mistake on my part, because thanks to the people at Shirley of Hollywood, I now know that corsets can be worn in so many different ways and that they make you feel unbelievably sexy, whether you wear it to the boardroom or bedroom.

So, now that I am educated on corsets and have one of my own (omg it’s SO sexy!), I am brave enough to wear it in the bedroom, to a holiday party, or for a fun night of dancing. Is it getting hot in here? Whew!

Shirley of Hollywood has sent me a couple of great set of tips on corsets. One of the tip sheets is how to wear a corset. Did you know there are 10 different ways you can wear one? Yes, 10!

I have a feeling that as we are going through this series, some of you corset virgins, lol, will just have to purchase one for yourself. And when you do, you better tell me because I want to know how awesome my Snarkstress readers are!

Stay tuned for way number one to wear a corset. This is going to be so much fun!

Image Credit: Shirley of Hollywood via