It’s summertime and that means I stop eating normal food (like vegetables or meat or grains) and subsist almost entirely on pies. In fact, I make a pie about once a week during the summer months and basically I couldn’t be happier.

Hopefully you’re being a true American and heading to a barbecue or similar event tomorrow to celebrate America (USA! USA! USA! USA!). If you want to bring something, may I please suggest a pie? First of all, pies are super easy to make. You can buy the crust pre-made, or if you want to be a snob like me, you can spend less than 30 minutes throwing together a homemade crust. Second, they’re crazy impressive looking and the complicated lattice topping is simple if you follow this tutorial. Third, fuck you pies are incredible stop making me rationalize loving pie.

Here are 12 recipes for delicious and beautiful summer pies. If you need me, I’ll be making as many of these as I can with my long weekend.

Photo: Bon Appetit