Don't worry, Baby Jane, we're starting a club for all of us.

Women are crazy. Women are far more bat shit than any man could ever be — or at least this is what I’ve read on graffiti- laden walls, heard from my male friends, and every fella I’ve ever loved. The same “crazy” actions performed by a man wouldn’t be labeled “crazy;” no, they’d get another adjective that’s not even in the same sphere as “crazy.”

Do you think a woman pulling a Lloyd Dobler would have become such an iconic symbol of romance? Probably not. What about the end of The Graduate or Wedding Crashers? A woman tries to declare her love and break up a wedding, she’s a crazy lunatic who should be locked up; she is not being romantic, daring or chivalrous. She is not making a grand gesture; she’s being crazy. And of course the craziest of the crazy is once you become an ex-girlfriend as we’ve already covered. After being crazy, you’ll probably be labeled a bitch, too, because let’s just see if we can cover all those negative gender stereotypes out there so no title feels left out.

But if misery loves company, shouldn’t crazy, too? Every time I get the “crazy” label I either flip through Jennifer‘s Shelved Dolls series or go through a book of quotes so I don’t feel so alone in whatever “craziness” I’ve done now. If I have to be crazy and you have to be crazy, shouldn’t we at least feel like we’re in a club together?

Here are 10 quotes, by both men and women, about being crazy that will make you feel less alone in your, er, questionable mental state (as perceived by others, of course.) It’s really not that bad being off your rocker occasionally. For those of you who didn’t get the memo, being human in itself is fucking crazy.


Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures