A few months ago, I put “…Baby You Are Old” in my phone. Up until a few days ago, I could not recall why I did this. As it turns out, it’s because at some point last spring, I learned today is the 15th anniversary of Britney Spears‘ first hit single, “…Baby One More Time,” released on September 30th, 1998. I wanted to remember this because — well, honestly, I have no idea why I wanted to remember it. It seemed important at the time, apparently.

With one of the most influential music videos of all time (other people’s words, not just mine!), Spears shot her way to being an icon. Whether or not you love the look she brought to the table — personally, the “hot high schooler” thing is more than a little weird to me — it’s hard to deny that a 16-year-old managing to climb the charts so quickly is impressive.

So, how can we celebrate? Why, with GIFs, of course!

1. Homegirl is bored.

2. So it begins.

3. Good gracious, things got dramatic.

4. Just tell him how you feel!

5. Eh, maybe not so much.

6. Another reminder that while I’ll always be an awful dancer, I can at least blame my generation for teaching me that these moves were cool:

7. “Go home, Kelly, I’m working.”

8. Is it ever, B?

9. “Oh, hey guys, it’s Britney bitch!”

10. Why was my high school’s gym only used for basketball?

11. I definitely recall trying to do this “look.” I was a weird 7-year-old.

12. To be fair, these dance moves also include the most magical of crazy eyes.

13. Fortunately, I still believe.

14. Naturally, we have to include Spring Breakers‘ take.

15. Let’s get the whole thing in thurr.

In conclusion: Guys, we’re all old. We’re so old. Death is near. *Faints*