lady gaga american music awards

The American Music Awards happened last night and while the event itself was pretty boring (The AMAs are, after all, the premiere night for music a night for music), we can always count on celebrities to take to Instagram in droves. Their backstage hijinks and selfies pretty much prove that being a celebrity is just dicking around at subpar awards shows, and trying to make things like #sponsoredredcarpet sound really #exciting. I always wonder if they just want to be home in sweatpants. I know I would.

But, instead they sausaged themselves into Spanx, did their hair and makeup, and Instagrammed, and we are perhaps the better for it. Here’s the 20 best celebrity Instgrams from last night’s AMAs.

Here’s Lady Gaga doing I’m not really sure what:

This looks like decoration for Miley Cyrus‘ upcoming bat mitzvah:

And here she is, looking “fierce.”

Did Nicole Richie go online, google a picture of herself, and then Instagram it with a filter?

As per usual, Kelly Osbourne provided about six hundred Instagrams from one event to cull through, and here are the most interesting:

Why is she doing the tongue thing?

Okay but her dorkiness in this makes up for her just being Miley in the previous shot.

Whoa, did you even recognize Ke$ha? I did not.

I love seeing the team that it takes to make Heidi Klum look superhuman.

And I’m going to add this manicure to my list of nails I’ve been dying to try.

So, I guess this was Ke$ha’s afterparty?

Still to come: Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Hudson, and more Gaga being Gaga.

The thought of Tyga making this collage after coming home from the AMAs is so cute.

Super awesome photo choice, Timberlake.

Naya Rivera, doing the bombshell thing pretty well.

Chilli getting ready.

Jordin Sparks reunites with Jesse McCartney, who appears to have aged in reverse.

Jennifer Hudson‘s handheld mirror selfie is kind of making me car sick.

Wait what are the Jabberwockeez what is going on?

Ciara gives some good shoulder on her way to the red carpet.

Whoa, what does Lil Mama‘s outfit look like without the filter?

And to finish things off, here’s Lady Gaga’s entrance on that horse man situation.

Photos: Instagram