Ann Romney was on Good Morning America this morning, and her appearance involved all the Welsh cakes, horseplay, and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from this fireable employee/prisoner of the feminine mystique.

-She wore a cinched red Oscar de la Renta(?) number, demonstrating Michelle Obama‘s not the only one who can look good in expensive dresses:

-She made her grandmother’s Welsh cakes, but grew annoyed that GMA made the griddle so hot, causing her to burn them rendering them less tasty.

-When presented with special guest A Real Live Horse, she talked about how much she loves the large, expensive animals, calling them “a gift from God” and “a partner in a life’s journey.” Which is funny, because I’ve always thought of them as hulking, scary nightmare creatures who are just biding their time until they can use their superior size and strength to overthrow us. But apparently they actually want to help us overcome MS. (Learn something new every day!)

-She talked to the people from Dancing With the Stars: All Stars about something I can only vaguely remember because my brain shut itself off for this part.

-She had another cooking mishap when Stanley Tucci‘s butter got so hot it threatened to jump out of the pot at her. (Are you trying to kill Ann Romney through overheated cooking utensils, GMA?)

-She didn’t talk about politics.

Partial video here and here.

Outfit Photo: Styleite