christmasThe true meaning of Christmas, of course, involves crawling Twitter to see what your favorite celebrities have to say, and lucky for all of you, I got into the Christmas spirit in a big way. I made a list (like Santa!) of celebrities to look out for and hope that they’ll give us come Christmas gems, and what do you know, some of them did!

Social media allows us unprecedented access to celebrities, including their unfiltered thoughts and heavily filtered photos. Inexplicably, they love to interact with us plebes on their social media accounts, and the holidays are no exception. It’s basically like receiving Christmas cards from celebrities, if the Christmas cards only existed to further develop personal brands and stalker-like fan bases. 90% of celebrity Twitter activity includes thanking their fans for all of their prayers, as if people sit home praying that Cher will have a nice Christmas.

It was a good year for celebrity Christmas tweets. Sure, there were a few boring Merry Christmases or the occasional trite platitude about love and family or whatever. But we also got some great jokes, pictures of adorable babies, and the occasional incomprehensible encouragement (looking at you, Cher).

Here are the best celebrity tweets from Christmas, from their perfect families to yours.

Photo: Shutterstock and Twitter [ITPGallery]