Kate Moss and Jamie Hince image via WENN

According to NME, Kate Moss and her longtime boyfriend, Kills lead singer Jamie Hince, are forming a band.

  • The Coke Kills – What better way to a) remind everyone that it’s sort of like The Kills, and b) make sure everybody knows Kate Moss is in it? Plus if anyone asks, Kate could pretend it’s a “hey kids, stay in school”-type warning mAdd New Post ‹ TheGloss — WordPressessage. Win-win.
  • Skinny Feels – One of Kate’s most famous quotes is “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” It also makes for a surprisingly sexy band name.
  • Shut Up Karen Elson – Kate Moss is the supermodel, and she’s not going to let some other singing British model in a relationship with a musician one-up her. (Also, if you want to get all incestuous about it, Jamie’s Kills collaborator Alison Mosshart is in a band called The Dead Weather with Elson’s husband, Jack White.)
  • I’m With the Band – Like all musician girlfriends before her, Kate has probably uttered this sentence a few too many times.
  • The Face – One of the first fashion magazines to feature a young up-and-coming Kate in its pages, it also works as a name for a band that has a supermodel in it. However, there could be a lawsuit from Rod Stewart for choosing a band name only one letter off from his.