Over at the Huffington Post, political conservative and activist Phyllis Schlafly talks about her recent assertion that feminists love divorce. In a new book, The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – And Men Can’t Say, she and (once-divorced) co-author Suzanne Venker write that: “If there’s one thing feminists love, it’s divorce – they consider it liberating.”

Well you know what? I’m so glad she said it first!! This is one of those things that so many feminists have been thinking for so long, but just couldn’t say publicly because it would be such a PR fiasco. But now that Schafly has opened the door for us to finally come out with our real feelings, here are 5 things that we feminists absolutely adore about divorce:

  1. The crippling financial difficulties so many women face when suddenly hit with the reality that we make 70% of what our former husbands make.
  2. Being stigmatized on dating websites, in religious groups and in social circles.
  3. Losing at least half of our friends along with our once-best friend, and the subsequent feelings of total isolation.
  4. The unrelenting judgment of our mothers, grandmothers and other relatives who secretly (or not so secretly) blame us for the marriage’s failure.
  5. Getting to check the fun “divorce” box on all the paperwork, always and forever, until we are once again able to identify ourselves through our partner!