Lefty darling Arianna Huffington is the most recent airplane passenger to refuse to turn off her cell phone at the orders of the captain. CNN reports that on a recent United Express flight, Huffington’s in-flight neighbor got upset and called a flight attendant over to insist that she put her device away.

Huffington’s PR team is handling the situation by resorting to playground bullying and childish name-calling: “Apparently, the passenger was quite agitated. Arianna thought he didn’t like his snacks,” [Huffington spokesman Mario] Ruiz told CNN.com. “Perhaps he was an iPhone fan.”

Anyway, continuing use of your personal device after the captain has asked you to shut it off is one thing that you can’t do just because you’re Arianna Huffington. Here are five others:

  1. Joke about having a bomb before you go through airport security.
  2. Be a stripper and be Miss America (double standard!)
  3. Always get what you want.
  4. Spill tens of thousands of barrels of oil in the Gulf with no repercussions.
  5. Wear white after Labor Day. Only Diddy can do that.