Sometimes, you want to go to an event that you weren’t invited to. Maybe you’ve heard about a party that promises to be a rager, or maybe you know that the object of your affection will be there, or maybe you have it on good authority that there will be some dank catering. Well, here are a few tips for getting in to such an event when you’re not on the guest list, and I’m sorry to say that these are tried and true, mostly by accident:

  1. Dress way down. If you look like you didn’t get all dolled up to go to the event, people will believe that you don’t really care about being there, and so why would you crash it?
  2. Show up alone. Again, why would you want to go to a party alone? This works especially well if you’re trying to get into, say a wrap party for one of your favorite TV shows because you know the cast will be there. Then it looks like you, along with everyone else there, worked on the show.
  3. Wear glasses. See #1.
  4. Ask where press check-in is. The only reason I know this is because one time I got into an event as press that didn’t even have press covering it, because I was at the wrong event.
  5. Bring a model. If you have a friend who’s a model, she’s basically your ticket to any party in town. If you want to go that badly, you’ll just have to check your self-esteem at the door. No big deal.