Wondering what you’re going to do this weekend? Craving some pool time, but not sure where you’ll go for it?

Well, fret not! here are 5 ways to get your one friend with a pool to invite you over. They’ll never even know what hit them.

  1. Invite them over first. Anyone with a pool is definitely not going to want to come over to your place (unless you have a better pool), but then they’ll be forced to extend the invitation in return.
  2. Call and tell them about the delicious [insert their favorite food] that you just finished making and about how you wish you hadn’t made so much because you don’t have anyone to share it with.
  3. Find something to cry about. Let them know that you feel really alone. See if they pull through.
  4. Tell them their mom told you to go over there and check on them. This works well if your friend is of a culture in which guilt is a legitimate bargaining tool.
  5. If all else fails, call them and ask to come over. Promise to only speak when spoken to.