Over at guyism.com, writer Shawn Norris has an article about how to ruin a bachelor party. His list includes such faux pas as saying something inappropriate to the bride’s father, passing out early, and rufie-ing the jaeger, a la “The Hangover.”

But bachelors aren’t the only ones who can kill an evening. Gone are the days when the bride-to-be sat around waiting for her prince charming to come home from the strip club — the bachelorette party is coming into it’s own. Now, not only can you go to the strip club, you can also ruin the party! Here are five ways to do it:

  1. Turn it into your therapy session. Leave your drama at the door for the night. Just because you have ten women at your disposal, doesn’t mean you should take this opportunity to get all ten of their opinions about whether or not you should end your relationship.
  2. Complain about your shoes all night. If you can’t take the heat, accept your own shortcomings and leave the stilettos at home.
  3. Get on your high horse about the festivities. If your friend’s girls are doing something illegal, or something that will get someone hurt, fine. But if you’re just turning your moral compass on the Thunder from Down Under, keep it to yourself, party pooper.
  4. Choose this as your moment to spill the beans. If you have dirt on the groom, or serious concerns about the wedding, now is not the time to talk about them. Repeat: Now. Is not the time. To talk about them.
  5. Cry. Unless you’re the bride. Then have at it. Marriage is scary.