Attention, fans of James Deen and/or terribly written erotica! Everyone’s favorite internet boyfriend is reportedly on the short list to play abusive asshole Christian Grey in the hottly anticipated movie adaption of 50 Shades Of Grey. Never again let it be said that it’s impossible to make the jump from porn to highbrow cinema.

According to Bret Easton Ellis (who very much wants to direct it), the film will be a big budget production and Mr. Deen might land the title role:

Of coure, this might just be wishful thinking on Ellis’ part, as we already know he likes Deen a lot; not only did he cast him to play opposite Lindsay Lohan in his as-yet unreleased film The Canyons, he actually wrote the part specifically with him in mind.

If the rumor is true, though, I have to express my doubts about him. As much as I appreciate Mr. Deen’s body of work, I’m not sure he’s the right choice to play Christian Grey. Sure, he’s got experience acting out intense BDSM scenes, but I think he comes off too boyish, adorable, and “nice Jewish boy” to play an emotionally manipulative older man. I mean, just look at him:

That said, it might not be the worst idea to cast porn stars in this particular movie, because it will help maintain a consistent brand for the film’s level of acting to match the book’s level of prose.

(Via Examiner)

Photos: WENN, James Deen