Last week, we talked about bad wedding songs. But now, let’s focus on the positive. I would love to title this post “The 7 Best Wedding Songs” but that wouldn’t be correct.  Because the best wedding song out there is the one that speaks to you and your soon-to-be-spouse.  It’s one that makes you smile, or maybe get a little teary-eyed.  It’s the first one you ever danced to or the only one you can both agree on.  It’s whatever song matters most to the two of you.

A couple I know danced first to Moon River, from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  I love this song more than I can ever express.  But it would’ve been a terrible first dance for me, because my husband isn’t exactly a Hepburn fan.  So I refuse to arrogantly proclaim that I’ve compiled the best list of songs out there.  However, if you’re looking for some ideas, (Jessica… better start obsessing about it now…) here are a few that I really enjoy.  I’ve tried to pick a variety.

If you have a wonderful song that I’ve left off the list, please include it in the comments![ITPGallery]