This guy is totally laughing at me... and he's probably laughing at you, too. What a jerk.

When I’m out with friends and we’re walking down the street, we laugh. Mostly because I’m absolutely hysterical! Seriously, I’m so fucking funny that I can leave an entire room in stitches — and I’m not talking about my looks.

Although I’m well aware that other people may be funny, too, my head doesn’t allow for me to instantly see this as a possibility. It actually takes time for my brain to cultivate that I’m not alone in my superior comedic ways. Yes, others can be funny, too. I guess; or at least this is what I’m told.

Maybe it’s my neurosis or the fact that I truly am that self-absorbed, but whenever I’m walking down the street and there’s a group of people laughing behind me, my immediate thought is: “OMG. They’re laughing at me. There is something going on back there on my backside and I’m giving these people a good old-fashioned, knee-slapping laugh. Ugh. Why does life have to be so hard?”

If you’re like me, and let’s hope you’re not, there may be specific things that just might run through your head when you’re in such a situation. Here are mine and, of course, my first reaction is always that I’ve shit myself and somehow have no idea I have done so.