Earlier today, Jennifer wrote about why she doesn’t like reality TV. A lot of what she says makes sense. It is usually difficult to empathize with reality TV stars. Most of them are pretty stupid. And they never actually fall in love, even on a trip to Fiji (well, actually usually it’s like St. Barts or St. some island in the Caribbean). But as a viewer of a good mix of both reality TV (Jersey Shore! American Idol, but not this season because the judges stink! Real Housewives of Orange County!) and fictional dramas and comedies (Gossip Girl! Modern Family! How I Met Your Mother! Friday Night Lights!), I think it’s fair to say that reality TV isn’t going away. However, for every quality reality show or game show (Top Chef, Project Runway, Survivor) there will be a terribly trashy, IQ-dropping, low-culture show like The Hills or The Bad Girls Club (yes, it exists and it’s on the Oxygen network if you’re curious).

Unfortunately, since reality TV isn’t going away, neither are the people we hate from them either. Audrina “I’m the most boring person on the planet” Patridge is starring in her very own show on VH1. She recently told MTV that she “can’t wait to begin filming and introduce the world to [my] amazing family.” No one cares about your family, Audrina. MTV only scouted you for The Hills because they thought you would be eye candy. Little did they know you’re hung up on some guy named Justin Bobby. Blech.

Kara DioGuardi from American Idol is also starting her own reality show on Bravo called Going Platinum. It’s going to be set up just like every other show on Bravo, except more boring because it’s a contest of who can write better songs. Most songwriters can’t sing, and I’m not about to watch a show with tone-deaf people. So we’ve come up with some shows don’t yet exist, and should, that even very well-rounded people will watch.

What kinds of reality shows would you like to see?[ITPGallery]