sweet potato cocktail

We’re all adults here, so we can all just be open with each other and acknowledge that Thanksgiving is all about getting really drunk and falling asleep with your head in the mashed potatoes, right? Whether you’re doing a family-free Friendsgiving or you’re sleeping with your feet sticking out of your childhood bed, you’re going to want or need a cocktail or ten.

I love eating Thanksgiving food and I love drinking alcohol, so naturally the idea of cocktails inspired by Thanksgiving food sounded absolutely wonderful. In order to not be disgusting, I stuck with the sweeter options to use as a jumping off point for cocktail inspiration, since I want my pumpkin pie in both pie form and drunk form, but my turkey and green beans in turkey- and green bean-form only. I want my stuffing in stuffing form and also sex form.

While some people stick with a basic whiskey drink or a glass of wine, I want to show you the amazing world of cranberry sauce, apple pie, and the aforementioned pumpkin pie as cocktails, so that your Thanksgiving meal will keep on giving by tasting delicious and getting you drunk.

Hey, after Thanksgiving, should we talk about how much I talk about drinking on Thanksgiving?

Photo: Shutterstock