bob filner the pervBack in July Irene McCormack Jackson, the former director of communications for San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, sued Filner and the city for the ongoing sexual harassment she endured while working with the mayor. Since then 14 other women have come forward to accuse Filner of getting way too touchy-feeling and saying some pretty gross things.

But once a sexual harasser always a sexual harasser (they say that, right?), yet another woman has come forward to accuse the mayor of being a disrespectful perv.

Sixty-seven-year-old great-grandmother, Peggy Shannon, who works part-time at the Senior Citizens Service Desk, claims that Filner repeatedly groped her, made sexual comments (one of which being that he could go for “eight hours,” although this seems like a goddamn lie, because only Sting can do that shit), and even had the audacity to kiss her.

Since the bombshells have dropped, one after the other, the mayor, who has refused to leave office, has been hiding out, because, you know, that’s always the best way to deal with these type of things. OK, actually, he’s supposedly in therapy learning how to respect women and get control of his problem, but that’s not exactly going to show any real remorse; that’s just a standard move for any embattled politician accused of getting disgustingly inappropriate with women.

The best part is that during all this, the city has rallied around the victims of this sexual harassment and have banned the mayor from their establishments. Hooters, one of the first to do so, have posted signs in the windows stating that they will not serve the mayor as they firmly believe “women should be treated with respect.”

Despite the fact that the entire city seems to be anti-Filner, the mayor doesn’t appear to be going anywhere. Exactly how many more women have to come forward and accuse this dude of inappropriate behavior? Will 20 or 30 finally force him to step down? How many harassed women does it take, Filner?

Photo: AP