According to Entertainment Weekly, the moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. As other less bold reality shows skirt the issues of hordes of children, extreme religious values and patriarchy, TLC is finally tackling them head-on: a series that will air in September will follow Kody Brown, Utah polygamist, and his three wives.

First of all, THIS IS MY DREAM COME TRUE. I am a huge fan of “Big Love,” and of course the only way to make any scripted show better is to do the same thing, but with real people.

But second of all, how can this be?? I mean, did I miss some major Supreme Court ruling, stating that polygamy is now legal? How come this guy and his family aren’t going to just be immediately arrested? Which is so ironically reminiscent of the end of last season of Big Love, when Bill boldly (and, I thought, rather stupidly) outs his family! Amazing, how art imitates life…or rather, how life imitates art. And that, of course, leads me to only one conclusion…

This show is clearly the beginning of a long, slow vie for the legality of polygamy. The timing of this — when gay marriage is at a crossroads — is probably not a coincidence. After all, if gays can get married (I’m sure the argument will go), why shouldn’t a bunch of people be able to get married?

If I’m right — which I always am — it’s a whole other kind of bold-ass hypocrisy. Because if you followed Prop 8 at all, you know that the Mormon church was one of the biggest donors to the yes on 8 campaign, meaning that they spent a bunch of money to prevent gays and lesbians from getting married. And yet here they are, wanting their own equal treatment under the law! Oh, how the times have changed. If this does come to a vote, or become a legal issue, I sure hope that the gays organize against it.

I kid, I kid. If you ask me, I don’t give a fuck who you marry or how many people you marry, so long as it’s all consenting adults, which I know is one of the main issues with polygamy…often it involves minors, and often they don’t realize that they don’t have to do what their culture tells them to do. But just look at Nikki Henrickson! There can be a way out…

“Sister Wives” premieres on TLC on September 26. Plan accordingly.