I never expected that a story about cake could make me feel sorry for people. But this one does!

A woman, seemingly a nice woman, with great baking skills, has begun baking cakes and bringing them into bars in an attempt to pick up a boyfriend. The Huffington post writer says:

None of the boys I’ve dated have ever turned into recognized boyfriends, and I’m getting tired of carrying heavy things by myself. So instead of joining an online dating site or moving home to become a spinster, I’ve been baking cakes and taking them to bars around LA for the last six months as a way to find a boyfriend. This was all an accidental discovery after bringing a birthday cake to the Edendale bar last year got me rom-com magical results. Boys seemed to appear out of nowhere, drawn to the cake, and by default, drawn to me, now oddly safe to approach and somehow much more desirable. “You MADE this cake?! Are you an angel?” My best friend Chrissy joked as we were leaving that I should just bake cakes and hang out in bars to meet boys.

This has materialized into a very real dating strategy for 2013, which I’ve taken to calling “cakebarring” and have been documenting on a blog. I thought I’d be more likely to find a boyfriend volunteering at a retirement home or getting into a low impact fender bender, but the experiment actually seems to be working. At this point, I’ve baked 18 cakes and gone to 18 bars, all with varying degrees of success. I’ve gotten three phone numbers, a business card, a new girl friend, an almost boyfriend, and consumed enough cake to bring on what I’m sure will be a frightening yearly check-up at the dentist.

You know, one response to this is to say that if men want food so badly, maybe they should just learn how to cook. But I wouldn’t even go that far. If men want food that badly, they should be able to locate one single bakery. One. Just one.

In spite of that, the saddest part of this seems to be that this woman has baked 18 cakes and not gotten a boyfriend. I’m not sad she’s single. It’s fine to be single. I’m sad because I feel like 18 cakes should be enough to win you any goal. For instance, if her goal was “peace in the middle east” I feel that 18 really good cakes should be enough to accomplish that.

Also, now I’m hungry.

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