spice girls

In one of the best #throwbackthursday posts we’ve seen around, the late Aaliyah and Nicole Richie dolled themselves up as The Spice Girls and did their best GIRL POWER for the camera. Buzzfeed dug up this undated photo from an Aaliyah tribute twitter account, and it’s amazing.

aaliyah spice girls nicole richie

Buzzfeed’s Brian Galindo recognized Kidada Jones (Rashida‘s sister) in the Posh spot, while Richie does her best Ginger and Aaliyah rocks Sporty‘s signature sports bra. As #tbt are wont to do, it’s filling me with tons of nostalgia for my salad days as a Spice Girls fan.

My friends and I regularly dressed up as the Spice Girls and choreographed dances to their songs, performing them for our deeply scandalized parents. I always wanted to be Ginger since she was sexy and a red head (and at all of age 8, I wanted to be sexy), but I always had to be Sporty because I had a pair of appropriate track pants. What I wouldn’t give to put on that sports bra and track pants and see them live.

My dreams were, of course, dashed earlier this week, when Victoria Beckham shot down the idea of any future reunion. Oh well, at least this picture exists, and I can always turn on some vintage Spice Girls on my own and see if I remember the moves.

Photos: Wikipedia Commons, Twitter