Looks like we’re not the only ones thinking about choice today (that’s us, to the left, thinking about choice).

An ad in the UK (below) is causing quite the stir among people who hate women are anti-choice. In it, three women are shown (one of whom is a mom with her two kids, snaps!) with a voiceover saying that they are “late.” Then, all that happens — seriously — is that the same lovely British voice says that “if you’re pregnant and don’t know what to do, Marie Stopes can help.”

Help”?! What?!? Baby Killer!!

It’s like, sometimes even I forget that what we’re arguing about — you know, shmashmortion — is a legal medical procedure. Let’s look at what that means…

Legal: Like, you can’t get in trouble for doing it with the law, unless of course you’re a teen in a number of states and you don’t tell your parents or your boyfriend is old or you’re any age and you’re past a certain gestational period and you try to go to like the only doctor in the world who performs those abortions and you find out that he’s been killed. So, yeah. Legal.

Medical Procedure: As in, the kind of thing that you can get at hospitals. Unless those hospitals are Catholic and don’t feel like they have to abide by the law, cause instead they’re out molesting kids, or were around during the Bush administration when they passed a law that said that doctors can just decide that actually, hey, shmashmortion is wrong even though it’s legal (see above) so I don’t think I’ma do that, like, today, or ever.

Fortunately, fuckwads like these guys have already responded, so no need to fear that anyone in the UK will get any actual information about this LEGAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE. Meanwhile, over on our side of the pond, Tim Tebow and his mother command national attention during the most highly watched event of the year on one of the most major networks in the country, talking about how if she had emptied her womb of Tim, we’d be bereft of two great national treasures — a football player, and a woman who has no say in her own reproductive choices.


[Via Salon]