Alessandra Ambrosio lives for Coachella. If she’s not the queen of the music festival, it’s just because Vanessa Hudgens is running around with hair chalk, six bindis, and an appropriated ritual headdress, and that’s tough to upstage. But Alessandra Ambrosio should basically just polish herself up and move into Coachella full-time at this point, and she could go ahead and bring her family with her.

Unfortunately Ambrosio is getting a lot of unasked for parenting advice from judgy Internet people for doing just that, because she brought her 4-year-old daughter Anja along to watch the shows and wear some tie-dye this weekend.

Small children are pretty much the only people who can dress like this and not look totally crazy, but of course the Internet needed to split in two and let forth howling commenters calling Ambrosio a bad parent for taking her kid to the festival. (For the record, children are allowed at Coachella. In fact, children under 5 get in free, and the Coachella forums regularly include discussions on how best to manage the festival with young children and strollers.)

But according to TooFab, Ambrosio’s Instagram was suddenly full of backseat parents condemning her for exposing a small child to the corporate fashion show community theater production of Hair Sodom and Gomorrah that is Coachella.

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“That’s terrible, I would never let me CHILDREN go to a festival where it’s gonna be surrounded by drugs and people on drugs, it’ll just make them curious,” one commenter opined. Others chimed in with comments like: “You are such a bad parent for this,” “Who takes their child to Coachella? #badparenting” and “Not going to lie but inhaling all that weed, smoke, and dust storms is not for children.”

Personally, I’d be more worried about the negative effect of seeing a bunch of people running around in bindis and ersatz Native American feathered headdresses. But considering that Ambrosio is one of the patron saints of Coachella and exists in a glorified state within the roped-off VIP access areas and ultra-posh hotels, it seems like she knows what she’s doing better than a bunch of busybodies on Instagram.

(Photos: Instagram/AlessandraAmbrosio)