Yesterday was awful. Today, still, is awful because tragedy doesn’t just last for the duration of the incident. Those affected by what occurred in Boston on Monday afternoon are likely going through unimaginable pain, and I am so sorry for them — it’s impossible to know exactly what else to say, because really, what can you? Instead, since I know we’re all still in a state of somber shock, I thought that perhaps a humorous video featuring one of our favorite entertainers might at least put a smile for a bit onto somebody’s face; having a break to smile amidst the sadness has always helped me, and hopefully it will help at least a few of you, too.

Alison Brie is an amazing performer. She’s versatile, hilarious and sang one of my favorite LOL-worthy songs as one of my favorite characters on one of my favorite shows. I am a huge fan, and I also think she just seems kind of awesome to hang out with. So, when I saw that there’s a video from MadeManDotCom combining both Brie and one of my other favorite things, memes, I became super excited and absolutely had to share.

From the world’s favorite grouch (Grumpy Cat, of course) to the most obsessive girlfriend meme in the Internetz and beyond, Brie does damn excellent meme impressions. Granted, I’m a little jealous that she can do the “ermahgahd” face and still look kinda hot, but I forgive her because she’s f’ing excellent. Good job, Alison Brie. High five forever.